The main task of any legal state is to create conditions for the harmonious development of a personality, society and state, to guarantee the realisation of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, to provide the individual,  social and national security.

     Both public and private law-enforcement mechanisms function to meet the person’s needs of security in different states as well as in Ukraine.

     Today Ukraine is a relatively young state and some areas of public life haven’t been regulated by law yet. There is no a single statute that would have settled the issue of non-state security sector, identify some concepts, in particular – the concept of "security". Certain information can be found in the draft of the Law of Ukraine "On Security Service of Business Subjects and Other Legal Entities of Non-state Security Sector". Article 1 contains the following definition of "security" as a special kind of social activity – it is the organized purposeful legal process, procedure or order of realization of social tasks in the economic and business activities, directed on the creation of conditions of the activity of society, favorable and safe, free of risks, challenges and threats, and on the functioning of the economic mechanism of individual protection.

     Local governments, BSP, private notaries, lawyers, private detective security agencies, associations of citizens, trade unions and certain individuals are usually considered as subjects of private law-enforcement mechanism.

     But even this list of the private law-enforcement mechanism of state population security is not complete. Law clinic as a structural division of the higher educational institution should be singled out.   

     Legal clinic is a structural division of institutes of higher educational establishments of the III - IV accreditation levels that train specialists in "Law" and is established as a basis for practical training and conduct of educational practice for undergraduate students.

     Studying the purpose and tasks of a legal clinic, we can clearly claim that the latter belong to a division which is oriented on the provision of social security.

     Taking into consideration the main task, i.e. to provide students with practical skills in legal profession, legal clinics are designed to:

- guarantee the access of representatives of social minority groups to legal aid;

- form a legal culture of citizens;

- prepare and train students in the spirit of compliance and respect for the rule of law, justice and human dignity.

The main objectives cover the opportunity to provide students of the legal clinic with possibility of acquiring professional practical skills and to create working places for students to gain professional experience, and include following requirements:

  • to provide social minority groups of society with free legal advice (primary legal aid);
  • to form the competence of legal culture among the citizens;
  • to create an effective mechanism for information exchange by means of mass media and legal clinic that would allow immediately react to practical demands of the population.

     In conclusion, we would like to mention the importance and necessity of such entity as a legal clinic in modern society and attribute it to the list of private law-enforcement mechanisms.


Scientific Advisor: Candidate of Law, assistant

Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Activity

Yaroslav the Wise National Law University

Mech Yulia V.



Consultant in English: Candidate of Psychology, assistant professor

Department of Foreign Languages № 2

Yaroslav the Wise National Law University

Soroka Natalia A.


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